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European Journal of Teacher Education

Référence :  Vol. 40, n°3, juillet 2017

Thème :  Practice, Theory and Research in Initial Teacher Education: International Perspectives

  • Practice, theory and research in initial teacher education: international perspectives, Maria Assunção Flores
  • Teacher education around the world: What can we learn from international practice?, Linda Darling-Hammond
  • Research-based insights on initial teacher education in Spain, Juana M. Sancho-Gil
  • Theory, practice and research in initial teacher education in Brazil: challenges and alternatives, Maria Inês Marcondes, Vânia Finholdt Angelo Leite & Rosane Karl Ramos
  • Initial teacher education in Russia: connecting theory, practice and research, Roza A. Valeeva
  • The contribution of graduation research to school development: graduation research as a boundary practice, Marco Snoek, Judith Bekebrede, Fadie Hanna, Theun Creton & Hester Edzes
  • The challenges to discussing emotionally loaded stories in Finnish teacher education, Erkki T. Lassila, Katri Jokikokko, Minna Uitto & Eila Estola
  • Modelling and validating the learning opportunities of preservice language teachers: on the key components of the curriculum for teacher education
    Johannes König
  • Comparing the effectiveness of two models of initial teacher education programmes in Israel: concurrent vs. consecutive, Ruth Zuzovsky & Smadar Donitsa-Schmidt

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