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Ricerche di Pedagogia e Didattica (RPD)

Référence :  Vol. 16, n°1

  • From the analysis of support teachers training needs to the creation of effective training courses. Reflections from an exploratory survey, Valentina Pennazio, Franco Bochicchio
  • Teachers’ perceptions of the role of technologies for inclusion. Results from a special needs teacher training course, Laura Fedeli
  • Teachers' perception of functional and problematic aspects of home schooling for children with medical needs, Michele Capurso, Fabia Dell’Antonia, Giovanna Berizzi, Gianluca Manfredi
  • Teachers and YouTube: The use of video as an educational resource, Daniel Pattier
  • Reading and linguistic comprehension: A systematic review, Federico Batini, Irene Brizioli, Andrea Mancini, Mirko Susta, Irene Dora Maria Scierri
  • Localities in critical literacy practice: A critical review of the frameworks, Nita Novianti, Angela Thomas, Vinh To
  • Therapeutic filmmaking and Autistic Spectrum Dysorder. A case study, Valeria Saladino, Anna Chiara Sabatino, Caterina Maria Sola
  • Theatre-education and curriculum. An open debate, Claudia Chellini
  • School moral atmosphere as a set of norms. An exploratory research on theoretical conceptions and intervention programs, Elisa Zobbi
  • And ready, steady, go! The nursery isi told! The laboratory of professional development of the educators of the nurseries PAC of City Council of Naples, Marianna Capo
  • Growing up as German-speaking children in the context of fascist Italianization measures during the interwar period, Annemarie Augschöll Blasbichler
  • Turin 1893-1906. Early experiments for the creation of libraries for children, Francesca Davida Pizzigoni
  • Restlessness and disenchantment at school: Un anno di scuola by Giani Stuparich, from book to movie, Sabrina Fava
  • Educate to the future. Irony in complexity times, Chiara Carletti
  • The Logical Intelligence Enhancement Program (LIEP) for the improvement of cognitive abilities. Premilinary findings, Marta Pellegrini, Valeria Di Martino, Lucia Donata Nepi, Andrea Peru
  • Multiple discrimination and the risk of cultural impoverishment. Considerations regarding the pedagogical challenges of the complex society, Irene Biemmi, Emiliano Macinai
  • Book Review of: Rossella Raimondo, La pedagogia sociale di Alessandrina Ravizza fra Otto e Novecento. Con il testo integrale di I miei ladruncoli e altre pagine di vita vera, Roma, Carocci, 2020, Mauro Desideri
  • Book review of: Emanuele Pappalardo, Composizione, analisi musicale e tecnologia nella scuola primaria. I bambini compongono, raccontano, analizzano, riflettono, Pisa, ETS, 2019, Pasquale Troìa

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