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Journal of School Health

Référence :  Vol. 90, n°5, mai 2020

  • Just Sit Still and Pay Attention?—A Commentary, Richard R. Rosenkranz PhD, FACSM, Caitlyn M. Neuendorf MS, Sara K. Rosenkranz PhD, Kevin L. Sauer PhD, RDN, FAND
  • Sexual Behaviors, Referral to Sexual Health Services, and Use of Sexual Health Services Among Transgender High School Students, Jack Andrzejewski MPH, Sanjana Pampati MPH, Michelle M. Johns MPH, PhD, Ganna Sheremenko MS, PhD, Catherine Lesesne MPH, PhD, Catherine N. Rasberry PhD
  • At the Margins: Comparing School Experiences of Nonbinary and Binary‐Identified Transgender Youth, Brittany J. Allen MD, Ben Andert BA, Jay Botsford BA, Stephanie L. Budge PhD, Jennifer L. Rehm MD
  • Bullying and Peer Victimization of Minority Youth: Intersections of Sexual Identity and Race/Ethnicity, Kasey Jackman PhD, RN, PMHNP‐BC, Elizabeth J. Kreuze PhD, RN, Billy A. Caceres PhD, RN, AGPCNP‐BC, Rebecca Schnall PhD, MPH, RN‐BC, FAAN
  • Longitudinal Patterns of School Disengagement before Conception among New York City Teen Mothers, Cristina Yunzal‐Butler PhD, Judith Sackoff PhD, Sanders Korenman PhD
  • School‐Level Factors Associated with Sun Protection Practices in California Elementary Schools, Kim D. Reynolds PhD, David B. Buller PhD, Julia Berteletti MSW, Kim Massie BS, Jeff Ashley MD, Mary K. Buller MA, Richard T. Meenan PhD, Xia Liu MS
  • Food Allergy Management at School, Roxanne Dupuis MSPH, Eliza Whiteman Kinsey PhD, Jonathan M. Spergel MD, PhD, Terri Brown‐Whitehorn MD, Amy Graves BA, Kate Samuelson MPA, Caleb Epstein, Cynthia Mollen MD, Carolyn C. Cannuscio ScD
  • Sibling Ill Health and Children's Educational Outcomes, Cristian Bortes MSc, Mattias Strandh PhD, Karina Nilsson PhD
  • Testing the “Zero‐Sum Game” Hypothesis: An Examination of School Health Policies and Practices and Inequalities in Educational Outcomes, Sara J. Long PhD, Hannah Littlecott PhD, Jemma Hawkins PhD, Gemma Eccles BSc, Adam Fletcher PhD, Gillian Hewitt PhD, Simon Murphy PhD, Graham F. Moore PhD
  • Bolstering Staff Wellbeing in Schools, Lauren W. Reynolds Ph.D., Amy J. Bruno Ed.S., NCSP, BCBA, Kelsey M. Ross Ph.D., Jamie M. Hall Ph.D., Josh Reynolds BME

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