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Journal of School Health

Référence :  Vol. 90, n°4, avril 2020

  • State Lawmaker's Views on Childhood Obesity and Related School Wellness Legislation, Chad M. Killian PhD, Ben D. Kern PhD, Douglas W. Ellison PhD, Kim C. Graber EdD, Amelia Mays Woods PhD
  • Exploring the Alignment of Behavior Screening Policies and Practices in US Public School Districts, Emily R. Auerbach MA, Sandra M. Chafouleas PhD, Amy M. Briesch PhD, Stephanie J. Long MS
  • Development and Validation of a Photo‐Evidence Tool to Examine Characteristics of Effective Drinking Water Access in Schools, Anisha I. Patel MD, MSPH, Mary Podrabsky RD, MPH, Amelie A. Hecht BA, Sophie Morris MPH, Sasha Yovanovich BS, Lina P. Walkinshaw MPH, Lorrene Ritchie RD, PhD, Christina Hecht PhD
  • Nutrition Policies, Practices, and Environments in Low‐Income Georgia Elementary Schools, United States, 2015‐2017, Dana Guglielmo MPH, Sicha Chantaprasopsuk MPH, Christi M. Kay MEd, Eric T. Hyde MPH, Chris Stewart MA, CHES, Julie A. Gazmararian PhD, MPH
  • Evaluating a Strategy for Implementation and Sustainability of School‐Based Health Centers in 3 Disparate Communities, 
  • Veda Johnson MD, FAAP, Ruth S. Ellis MPH, JM, Valerie Hutcherson PhD
  • Comparison of Features of a Mobile Application to Report School Violence Through Benchmarking, Renata C. Ferreira PhD, Mirna A. Frota PhD, José E. de Vasconcelos Filho PhD, Antônio P. F. Bastos MsC, Geisy L. M. Luna PhD, Karla M. C. Rolim PhD
  • Being obese versus trying to lose weight: Relationship with physical inactivity and soda drinking among high school students, Moonseong Heo PhD, Judith Wylie‐Rosett EdD, RD
  • Effectiveness of Active Learning that Combines Physical Activity and Math in Schoolchildren: A Systematic Review, Melanie Vetter MPHEd, BAppScm, Rhonda Orr BPharm, MExSpSc, PhD, Nicholas O'Dwyer BA, MA, PhD, Helen O'Connor BSc Dip ND PhD
  • Asthma and Academic Performance Among Children and Youth in North America: A Systematic Review, Tali Schneider MPH, CHES

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