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Journal of Teacher Education

Référence :  Vol. 70, n°5, novembre-décembre 2019

  • Professional Development for Equity: What Constitutes Powerful Professional Learning? Dorinda J. Carter Andrews and Gail Richmond
  • Flipping the Classroom in Teacher Education: Implications for Motivation and Learning Mike Yough, Hillary E. Merzdorf, Heather N. Fedesco, and Hyun Jin Cho
  • Teachers’ Adoption of Inquiry-Based Learning Activities: The Importance of Beliefs About Education, the Self, and the Context Michiel Voet and Bram De Wever
  • The Effects of Networked Professional Learning Communities Rilana Prenger, Cindy L. Poortman, and Adam Handelzalts
  • Examining Spillover Effects From Teach For America Corps Members in Miami-Dade County Public Schools Ben Backes, Michael Hansen, Zeyu Xu, and Victoria Brady
  • Preservice Teachers’ Mathematics Teaching Competence: Comparing Performance on Two Measures Rossella Santagata and Judith Haymore Sandholtz
  • An Empirical Study of the Dimensionality of the Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching Construct Yasemin Copur-Gencturk, Tammy Tolar, Erik Jacobson, and Weihua Fan
  • Exploring Contradictions in an EFL Teacher Professional Learning Community Yi Yan and Luxin Yang
  • Exceeding Expectations: Teachers’ Decision Making Regarding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students Tasha Riley
  • An Affinity for Learning: Teacher Identity and Powerful Professional Development James Noonan
  • Teacher Face-Work in Discussions of Video-Recorded Classroom Practice: Constraining or Catalyzing Opportunities to Learn? Dana Vedder-Weiss, Aliza Segal, and Adam Lefstein
  • Learning “New” Instructional Strategies: Pedagogical Innovation, Teacher Professional Development, Understanding and Concerns Rita Elaine Silver, Galyna Kogut, and Thi Canh Dien Huynh
  • Mentoring as More Than “Cheerleading”: Looking at Educative Mentoring Practices Through Mentors’ Eyes Randi N. Stanulis, Lindsay J. Wexler, Stacey Pylman, Amy Guenther, Scott Farver, Amy Ward, Amy Croel-Perrien, and Kristen White
  • Exploring Linguistic Diversity From the Inside Out: Implications of Self-Reflexive Inquiry for Teacher Education Steven Z. Athanases, Leslie C. Banes, Joanna W. Wong, and Danny C. Martinez

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