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Journal of Research in Science Teaching (JRST)

Référence :  Vol. 56, n°4, avril 2019

  • Declawing the dinosaurs in the science classroom: Reducing Christian teachers’ anxiety and increasing their efficacy for teaching evolution, Patricia H. Hawley, Gale M. Sinatra
  • A new instrument for measuring pre‐service biology teachers' pedagogical content knowledge: The PCK‐IBI
  • Jörg Großschedl, Virginia Welter, Ute Harms
  • Interventions supporting baccalaureate achievement of Latinx STEM students matriculating at 2‐year institutions: A systematic review, Julie P. Martin, Nathan Hyungsok Choe, Jared Halter, Margaret Foster, Jeffrey Froyd, Maura Borrego, Erica R. Winterer
  • Implicit STEM ability beliefs predict secondary school students' STEM self‐efficacy beliefs and their intention to opt for a STEM field career
  • Sandra I. van Aalderen‐Smeets, Juliette H. Walma van der Molen, Iro Xenidou‐Dervou
  • An international collaborative investigation of beginning seventh grade students' understandings of scientific inquiry: Establishing a baseline, Judith Lederman, Norman Lederman, Selina Bartels, Juan Jimenez, Mark Akubo, Shereen Aly, Chengcheng Bao, Estelle Blanquet, Ron Blonder, Mariana Bologna Soares de Andrade, Catherine Buntting, Mustafa Cakir, Heba EL‐Deghaidy, Ahmed ElZorkani, Estelle Gaigher, Shuchen Guo, Arvi Hakanen, Soraya Hamed Al‐Lal, Cigdem Han‐Tosunoglu, Annemarie Hattingh, Anne Hume, Serhat Irez, Gillian Kay, Ozgur Kivilcan Dogan, Kerstin Kremer, Pi‐Chu Kuo, Jari Lavonen, Shu‐Fen Lin, Cheng Liu, Enshan Liu, Shiang‐Yao Liu, Bin Lv, Rachel Mamlok‐Naaman, Christine McDonald, Irene Neumann, Yaozhen Pan, Eric Picholle, Ana Rivero García, Carl‐Johan Rundgren, David Santibáñez‐Gómez, Kathy Saunders, Renee Schwartz, Frauke Voitle, Jakob von Gyllenpalm, Fangbing Wei, Jocelyn Wishart, Zhifeng Wu, Huang Xiao, Yalcin Yalaki, Qiaoxue Zhou
  • Introduction to comments and criticisms in response to the Next Generation Science Standards special issue
  • Troy D. Sadler, David E. Brown
  • Did the Framework for K‐12 Science Education trample itself? A reply to “Addressing the epistemic elephant in the room: Epistemic agency and the next generation science standards”, Andrew Elby
  • Working with and Shifting the System: A response to Elby's commentary, Leema Berland, Eve Manz, Emily Miller, David Stroupe
  • A call to action: A response to Osborne, Rafanelli, and Kind (2018), Asmalina Saleh, Gary Weiser, Abeera P. Rehmat, Karyn Housh, Dante Cisterna, Lei Liu, Cindy Hmelo‐Silver
  • A response to Saleh et al.: The wrong call to action, Jonathan Osborne, Stephanie Rafanelli
  • Defining the Third Dimension, A Necessary Precursor to Fulmer et al.’s Challenges, Sarah J. Fick, Anna Maria Arias
  • Response to “Defining the Third Dimension, A Necessary Precursor to Fulmer et al.’s Challenges”, Gavin Fulmer, Jamie Tanas, Kathleen Weiss

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