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British Journal of Educational Technology (BJET)

Référence :  Vol. 50, n°3, mai 2019

Thème :  Developing Critical and Theoretical Approaches to Educational Technology Research and Practice

  • Developing critical and theoretical approaches to educational technology research and practice,  Jill Jameson
  • Where is the “theory” within the field of educational technology research?, Khe Foon Hew, Min Lan, Ying Tang, Chengyuan Jia, Chung Kwan Lo
  • Technology‐enhanced learning: Rethinking the term, the concept and its theoretical background, Don Passey
  • Social scholarship revisited: Changing scholarly practices in the age of social media, Christine Greenhow, Benjamin Gleason, K. Bret Staudt Willet
  • A posthumanist critique of flexible online learning and its “anytime anyplace” claims, Shandell Houlden, George Veletsianos
  • Ethics in educational technology research: Informing participants on data sharing risks, Marc Beardsley, Patricia Santos, Davinia Hernández‐Leo, Konstantinos Michos
  • Technology‐mediated learning theory, Matt Bower
  • Integrating games as a means to develop e‐learning: Insights from a psychological perspective, Melody M. Terras, Elizabeth A. Boyle
  • The creation of digital artefacts as a mechanism to engage students in studying literature, Geoff Walton, Mark Childs, Gordana Jugo
  • Educational technology research trends in Turkey from a critical perspective: An analysis of postgraduate theses, Ayse Gul Kara Aydemir, Gulfidan Can
  • Connecting the dots: Theorizing and mapping learning entanglement through archaeology and design, Lucila Carvalho, Pippa Yeoman, Special Section: Facilitating Innovation with Technology: Key Actors in Educational Ecosystems Guest Editors: Xiaoqing Gu, Charles Crook and Mike Spector
  • Facilitating innovation with technology: Key actors in educational ecosystems, Xiaoqing Gu, Charles Crook, Mike Spector
  • Devices and desires: Competing visions of a good education in the digital age, Angela E. McFarlane
  • Agentic neglect: Teachers as gatekeepers of England’s national computing curriculum, Laura R. Larke
  • Understanding the roles of ICT enterprises in promoting the ICT industry ecosystem in education: Case studies from China, Xuanxi Li, Fei Wang, Xiaoqing Gu
  • How new technology is addressed by researchers in Educational Studies: Approaches from high‐performing universities in China and the UK, Charles Crook, Xiaoqing Gu
  • Teacher educators as gatekeepers: Preparing the next generation of teachers for technology integration in education, Jo Tondeur, Ronny Scherer, Evrim Baran, Fazilat Siddiq, Teemu Valtonen, Erkko Sointu
  • How does principal e‐leadership affect ICT transformation across different school stages in K‐12 education: Perspectives from teachers in Shanghai, Bian Wu, Xiaoxue Yu, Yiling Hu
  • School leaders’ practices for innovative use of digital technologies in schools, Marcia Håkansson Lindqvist

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