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Journal of School Health

Référence :  Vol. 89, n°2, février 2019

  • All Things in Moderation? Threshold Effects in Adolescent Extracurricular Participation Intensity and Behavioral Problems, Jennifer L. Matjasko PhD, MPP, Kristin M. Holland PhD, MPH, Melissa K. Holt PhD, Dorothy L. Espelage PhD, Brian W. Koenig MS
  • The Patterns of Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity and Physical Education Enjoyment Through a 2‐Year School‐Based Program, Arto Gråstén PhD, Sami Yli‐Piipari PhD
  • Pattern of Sedentary Behavior in Different Periods of School Time of Brazilian Adolescents, Bruno G. G. da Costa MA, PhD, Kelly S. da Silva PhD, Alexsandra S. Bandeira MA, Cilene R. Martins PhD, Jéssika A. J. Vieira MA, Edio L. Petroski PhD
  • Identifying the Inclusion of National Sexuality Education Standards Utilizing a Systematic Analysis of Teen Dating Violence Prevention Curriculum, Kelly L. Wilson PhD, MCHES, Leigh E. Szucs PhD, CHES, Meagan Shipley PhD, CHES, Sara K. Fehr PhD, Elisa B. McNeill PhD, CHES, David C. 
  • Retailer Compliance as a Predictor of Youth Smoking Participant and Consumption, Rashid Ahmed PhD, Alan Diener PhD, Saad Bahri BSc
  • Barriers to Human Sexuality Education Survey Research Among Vermont Public School Administrators, Amanda J. Blaisdell BS, MAT, DHEd, Larry K. Olsen DrPH
  • Comparing Physical Activity Behavior of Children During School Between Balanced and Traditional School Day Schedules, Andrew F. Clark PhD, Piotr Wilk PhD, Jason A. Gilliland PhD
  • Who Suffers Most From Being Involved in Bullying—Bully, Victim, or Bully‐Victim?, Lauraliisa Mark PhD, Airi Värnik MD, PhD, Merike Sisask PhD
  • Substance Use, Academic Performance, and Academic Engagement Among High School Seniors, Brittany A. Bugbee MPH, Kenneth H. Beck PhD, Craig S. Fryer DrPH, Amelia M. Arria PhD

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