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Journal of School Health

Référence :  Vol. 88, n°10 octobre 2018

  • Effect of Cardiorespiratory Fitness on Academic Achievement is Stronger in High‐SES Elementary Schools Compared to Low, Michael D. Garber MPH, Kaitlyn K. Stanhope MPH, Monica P. Shah MPH, Patricia Cheung MPH, Julie A. Gazmararian PhD, MPH
  • Effects of a School‐Based Pedometer Intervention in Adolescents: 1‐Year Follow‐Up of a Cluster‐Randomized Controlled Trial, Barbara Isensee PhD, Vivien Suchert PhD, Julia Hansen PhD, Burkhard Weisser MD, Reiner Hanewinkel PhD
  • Effects of a Collaborative Board Game on Bullying Intervention: A Group‐Randomized Controlled Trial, Hsi‐Ping Nieh PhD, Wen‐Chi Wu PhD
  • Active Commuting to School, Physical Activity, and Behavior Problems Among Third‐Grade Children, Mana Mann MD, MPH, Ellen J. Silver PhD, Ruth E. K. Stein MD
  • Composition of School Meals in Sweden, Finland, and Iceland: Official Guidelines and Comparison With Practice and Availability, Ragnheidur Juniusdottir MEd, Agneta Hörnell PhD, Ingibjorg Gunnarsdottir PhD, Hanna Lagstrom PhD, Maria Waling PhD, Cecilia Olsson PhD, Sanna Talvia PhD, MSc, MEd, Anna S. Olafsdottir PhD
  • Perceived Weight Discrimination and School Connectedness Among Youth: Does Teacher Support Play a Protective Role?, Natalie M. Golaszewski PhD, Keryn E. Pasch PhD, Alejandra Fernandez PhD, Natalie S. Poulos PhD, Milena Batanova PhD, Alexandra Loukas PhD
  • The Effects of Asthma and Bullying on Suicidal Behaviors Among US Adolescents, Lutfiyya N. Muhammad MPH, Jeffrey E. Korte PhD, Charles M. Bowman MD, PhD, Mark L. De Santis MS, PsyD, Paul J. Nietert PhD
  • The Influence of Active Gaming on Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Black and Hispanic Youth, Rachel M. Flynn PhD, Amanda E. Staiano PhD, Robbie Beyl PhD, Rebekah A. Richert PhD, Ellen Wartella PhD, Sandra L. Calvert PhD
  • National Analysis of State Health Policies on Students' Right to Self‐Carry and Self‐Administer Asthma Inhalers at School, Madeleine M. Toups MPP, Valerie G. Press MD, MPH, Anna Volerman MD

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