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Journal of School Health

Référence :  Vol. 88, n°2, février 2018

  • School Lunch Consumption Among 3 Food Service Providers in New Orleans, Melanie Canterberry, Samantha Francois, Taslim van Hattum, Lindsey Rudov and Thomas W. Carton
  • Early Adolescents' Emotional Well-Being in the Classroom: The Role of Personal and Contextual Assets, Eva Oberle
  • Effect of Sleep Duration, Diet, and Physical Activity on Obesity and Overweight Elementary School Students in Shanghai, Jing Zhang, YunTing Zhang, YanRui Jiang, WanQi Sun, Qi Zhu, Patrick Ip, DongLan Zhang, ShiJian Liu, Chang Chen, Jie Chen, Lei Zhang, Hao Zhang, MingYu Tang, WenFang Dong, YuFeng Wu, Yong Yin and Fan Jiang
  • Physical and Social Contexts of Physical Activity Behaviors of Fifth and Seventh Grade Youth, Ruth P. Saunders, Marsha Dowda, Kerry Mciver, Samantha M. McDonald and Russell R. Pate
  • How Healthy Is Homeschool? An Analysis of Body Composition and Cardiovascular Disease Risk, Laura S. Kabiri, Katy Mitchell, Wayne Brewer and Alexis Ortiz
  • Who Eats School Breakfast? Parent Perceptions of School Breakfast in a State With Very Low Participation, Lori A. Spruance, Caleb Harrison, Patrick Brady, Marti Woolford and Heidi LeBlanc
  • Examining Predictors of Breakfast Skipping and Breakfast Program Use Among Secondary School Students in the COMPASS Study, Katelyn M. Godin, Karen A. Patte and Scott T. Leatherdale
  • Race, Sex, and Discrimination in School Settings: A Multilevel Analysis of Associations With Delinquency, Brittany D. Chambers and Jennifer Toller Erausquin
  • Comparing Mental Health of US Children of Immigrants and Non-Immigrants in 4 Racial/Ethnic Groups, JaHun Kim, Semret Nicodimos, Siri E. Kushner, Isaac C. Rhew, Elizabeth McCauley and Ann Vander Stoep

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