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Journal of School Health

Référence :  Vol. 88, n°1, janvier 2018

  • Altering the School Breakfast Environment Reduces Barriers to School Breakfast Participation Among Diverse Rural Youth, Mary O. Hearst, Amy Shanafelt, Qi Wang, Robert Leduc and Marilyn S. Nanney
  • Longitudinal Trajectory of the Relationship Between Self-Esteem and Substance Use From Adolescence to Young Adulthood, Chung Gun Lee, Dong-Chul Seo, Mohammad R. Torabi, David K. Lohrmann and Tae Min Song
  • Exploring the Associations Among Nutrition, Science, and Mathematics Knowledge for an Integrative, Food-Based Curriculum, Virginia C. Stage, Kathryn M. Kolasa, Sebastián R. Díaz and Melani W. Duffrin
  • Why and How Schools Make Nutrition Education Programs “Work”, Kathleen J. Porter, Pamela A. Koch and Isobel R. Contento
  • Association of School-Based Physical Activity Opportunities, Socioeconomic Status, and Third-Grade Reading,Ben D. Kern, Kim C. Graber, Sa Shen, Charles H. Hillman and Gabriella McLoughlin
  • Healthy and Ready to Learn: Effects of a School-Based Public Health Insurance Outreach Program for Kindergarten-Aged Children, Jade Marcus Jenkins
  • Researchers Supporting Schools to Improve Health: Influential Factors and Outcomes of Knowledge Brokering in the COMPASSStudy, Kristin M. Brown, Susan J. Elliott and Scott T. Leatherdale
  • Chronic Pain in the School Setting: The Teachers' Point of View, Ester Solé, Elena Castarlenas, Elisabet Sánchez-Rodríguez, Santiago Galán, Rocío de la Vega, Mark P. Jensen and Jordi Miró
  • Measuring School Functioning in Students With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Systematic Review, Michelle Tollit, Jennifer Politis and Sarah Knight

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