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Journal of Research in Science Teaching (JRST)

Référence :  Vol. 54, n°9, novembre 2017

  • Toward a durable prevalence of scientific conceptions: Tracking the effects of two interfering misconceptions about buoyancy from preschoolers to science teachers, Patrice Potvin and Guillaume Cyr
  • A metasynthesis of the complementarity of culturally responsive and inquiry-based science education in K-12 settings: Implications for advancing equitable science teaching and learningJulie C. Brown
  • The impact of a Framework-aligned science professional development program on literacy and mathematics achievement of K-3 studentsPeter Paprzycki, Nicole Tuttle, Charlene M. Czerniak, Scott Molitor, Joan Kadervaek and Robert Mendenhall
  • Prevalence and predictors of out-of-field teaching in the first five years, Ryan S. Nixon, Julie A. Luft and Richard J. Ross
  • Teaching aquatic science as inquiry through professional development: Teacher characteristics and student outcomes, Kanesa Duncan Seraphin, George M. Harrison, Joanna Philippoff, Paul R. Brandon, Thanh Truc T. Nguyen, Brian E. Lawton and Lisa M. Vallin

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