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Journal of School Health

Référence :  Vol. 87,n°9, septembre 2017

  • Sex Differences in Contraception Non-Use Among Urban Adolescents: Risk Factors for Unintended Pregnancy, Allison R. Casola, Deborah B. Nelson and Freda Patterson
  • Flavored Milk Consumers Drank More Milk and Had a Higher Prevalence of Meeting Calcium Recommendation Than Nonconsumers, Theresa A. Nicklas, Carol O'Neil and Victor Fulgoni III
  • Physical Activity and School Absenteeism Due to Illness in Adolescents, Renate de Groot, Martin van Dijk, Hans Savelberg, Frederik van Acker and Paul Kirschner
  • Concussion Knowledge and Reporting Behavior Differences Between High School Athletes at Urban and Suburban High Schools, Jessica Wallace, Tracey Covassin, Sally Nogle, Daniel Gould and Jeffrey Kovan
  • Chronic Childhood Trauma, Mental Health, Academic Achievement, and School-Based Health Center Mental Health Services, Satu Larson, Susan Chapman, Joanne Spetz and Claire D. Brindis
  • School-Based Outcomes Among Youth With Incarcerated Parents: Differences by School Setting, Rebecca J. Shlafer, Tyler Reedy and Laurel Davis
  • Teen Dating Violence Victimization Among High School Students: A Multilevel Analysis of School-Level Risk Factors, Elizabeth M. Parker, Sarah Lindstrom Johnson, Katrina J. Debnam, Adam J. Milam and Catherine P. Bradshaw
  • Acceptability of School-Based Health Centers for Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Visits: A Mixed-Methods Study, Caitlin E. Hansen, Edirin Okoloko, Adedotun Ogunbajo, Anna North and Linda M. Niccolai
  • Nutrition Education and Body Mass Index in Grades K-12: A Systematic Review, Cayla Price, Deborah Cohen, Peter Pribis and Jean Cerami

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