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Journal of School Health

Référence :  Vol.87, n°10, octobre 2017

  • School Breakfast Program Participation and Rural Adolescents' Purchasing Behaviors in Food Stores and Restaurants, Caitlin Eicher Caspi, Qi Wang, Amy Shanafelt, Nicole Larson, Susan Wei, Mary O. Hearst and Marilyn S. Nanney
  • Achieving Consensus on Principles of Good Practice for School Health in Independent Schools: A Delphi Study, Miguel G. Marshall and John P. Allegrante
  • Bullying and HIV Risk Among High School Teenagers: The Mediating Role of Teen Dating Violence, Moses Okumu, Cecilia Mengo, Bernadette Ombayo and Eusebius Small
  • Sydney Playground Project: A Cluster-Randomized Trial to Increase Physical Activity, Play, and Social Skills, Anita Bundy, Lina Engelen, Shirley Wyver, Paul Tranter, Jo Ragen, Adrian Bauman, Louise Baur, Wendy Schiller, Judy M. Simpson, Anita N. Niehues, Gabrielle Perry, Glenda Jessup and Geraldine Naughton
  • Measuring the Implementation of a School Wellness Policy, Anastasia Snelling, Sarah Irvine Belson, Erin Watts, Elizabeth Malloy, Hugo Van Dyke, Stephanie George, Sandra Schlicker and Nancy Brenowitz Katz
  • Relationship Between Adherence to Individual Goals Within the 5-2-1-0 Guidelines for Obesity Prevention and Number of PACER Laps in Adolescents, Kibum Cho, Emily Jones, Christa Lilly, Sean Bulger, Luciana Braga and Eloise Elliott
  • Types and Nature of Parental Support for Overweight Students to Cope With Weight-Related Teasing, Qi Zhao, Weidong Li and Paul B. Rukavina
  • A School-Based Dental Program Evaluation: Comparison to the Massachusetts Statewide Survey, Corinna S. Culler, Milton Kotelchuck, Eugene Declercq, Karen Kuhlthau, Kari Jones and Karen M. Yoder
  • A Scoping Review to Address the Culture of Concussion in Youth and High School Sports, Kelly Sarmiento, Zoe Donnell and Rosanne Hoffman

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