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Journal of School Health

Référence :  Vol. 87, n°5, mai 2017

  • Substance Use Among Transgender Students in California Public Middle and High Schools, Kris Tunac De Pedro, Tamika D. Gilreath, Christopher Jackson and Monica Christina Esqueda
  • Marijuana and Alcohol Use as Predictors of Academic Achievement: A Longitudinal Analysis Among Youth in the COMPASS Study, Karen A. Patte, Wei Qian and Scott T. Leatherdale
  • Relationships Among Student, Staff, and Administrative Measures of School Climate and Student Health and Academic Outcomes, Lauren N. Gase, Louis M. Gomez, Tony Kuo, Beth A. Glenn, Moira Inkelas and Ninez A. Ponce
  • Association of School Characteristics and Implementation in the X:IT Study—A School-Randomized Smoking Prevention Program, Lotus S. Bast, Pernille Due, Annette K. Ersbøll, Mogens T. Damsgaard and Anette Andersen
  • Effectiveness of a Playground Intervention for Antisocial, Prosocial, and Physical Activity Behaviors, Carlene A. Mayfield, Stephanie Child, Robert G. Weaver, Nicole Zarrett, Michael W. Beets and Justin B. Moore
  • Patterns in Vegetable Consumption: Implications for Tailored School Meal Interventions, Marietta Orlowski, Miryoung Lee, William Spears, Roopsi Narayan, Rebecca S. Pobocik, Julie Kennel, Erin Krafka and Susan Patton
  • Reported Motivations for and Locations of Healthy Eating Among Georgia High School Students, Gayathri S. Kumar, Michael Bryan, Rana Bayakly, Cherie Drenzek, Caitlin Merlo and Geraldine S. Perry
  • Improving School Experiences for Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes, Saori S. Kise, Amanda Hopkins and Sandra Burke
  • A Multidisciplinary Research Framework on Green Schools: Infrastructure, Social Environment, Occupant Health, and Performance, Sheryl Magzamen, Adam P. Mayer, Stephanie Barr, Lenora Bohren, Brian Dunbar, Dale Manning, Stephen J. Reynolds, Joshua W. Schaeffer, Jordan Suter and Jennifer E. Cross
  • The Association of Physical Activity and Academic Behavior: A Systematic Review, Rachel A. Sullivan, AnnMarie H. Kuzel, Michael E. Vaandering and Weiyun Chen

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