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Journal of School Health

Référence :  Vol. 85, n°8, aout 2015

  • Examination of Substance Use, Risk Factors, and Protective Factors on Student Academic Test Score Performance, Michael W. Arthur, Eric C. Brown, John S. Briney, J. David Hawkins, Robert D. Abbott, Richard F. Catalano, Linda Becker, Michael Langer and Martin T. Mueller
  • School Gardens Enhance Academic Performance and Dietary Outcomes in Children, Claire K. Berezowitz, Andrea B. Bontrager Yoder and Dale A. Schoeller
  • The Association Between Asthma and Sleep in Urban Adolescents With Undiagnosed Asthma, Daphne Koinis Mitchell, Sheryl J. Kopel, Brittney Williams, Amarilis Cespedes and Jean-Marie Bruzzese
  • Correlates to Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Status and Willingness to Vaccinate in Low-Income Philadelphia High School Students, Sarah B. Bass, Amy Leader, Michelle Shwarz, Judith Greener and Freda Patterson
  • Implementing a School-Located Vaccination Program in Denver Public Schools, Judith C. Shlay, Sarah Rodgers, Jean Lyons, Scott Romero, Tara M. Vogt and Emily V. McCormick
  • Extracurricular Activities and Bullying Perpetration: Results From a Nationally Representative Sample, Alison Riese, Annie Gjelsvik and Megan L. Ranney
  • Homelessness and Sexual Identity Among Middle School Students, Eric Rice, Robin Petering, Harmony Rhoades, Anamika Barman-Adhikari, Hailey Winetrobe, Aaron Plant, Jorge Montoya and Timothy Kordic
  • Adoption of Safe Routes to School in Canadian and the United States Contexts: Best Practices and Recommendations, Soultana Macridis and Enrique García Bengoechea
  • School-Based Sex Education and Neuroscience: What We Know About Sex, Romance, Marriage, and Adolescent Brain Development, Ahna Ballonoff Suleiman, Megan Johnson, Elizabeth A. Shirtcliff and Adriana Galván

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