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Journal of School Health

Référence :  Vol. 83, n°1, janvier 2013

  • Associations of Physical Activity and Dietary Behaviors With Children's Health and Academic Problems, Xiangrong Shi, Larry Tubb, Sheryl T. Fingers, Shande Chen and James L. Caffrey
  • School Sport and Academic Achievement, John Bradley, Francis Keane and Susan Crawford
  • Dietary and Physical Activity Factors Related to Eating Disorder Symptoms Among Middle School Youth, Monica L. Wang, Courtney E. Walls, Karen E. Peterson, Tracy K. Richmond, Jennifer Spadano-Gasbarro, Mary L. Greaney, Emily Blood, Solomon Mezgebu, Marie C. McCormick, S. V. Subramanian and S. Bryn Austin
  • Reliability of Height and Weight Measurements Collected by Physical Education Teachers for a School-Based Body Mass Index Surveillance and Screening System, Stephanie S. Berkson, Janice Espinola, Katherine A. Corso, Howard Cabral, Robert McGowan and Virginia R. Chomitz
  • Ready-to-Eat Cereal Consumption and the School Breakfast Program: Relationship to Nutrient Intake and Weight, Sandra G. Affenito, Douglas Thompson, Ali Dorazio, Ann M. Albertson, Amy Loew and Norton M. Holschuh
  • The Development and First Use of the QUEST Measures to Evaluate School Nurses' Knowledge and Skills for Depression Recognition and Management, Mark Haddad and Andre Tylee
  • Bullying Climate and School Engagement in Ninth-Grade Students, Sharmila B. Mehta, Dewey Cornell, Xitao Fan and Anne Gregory
  • Coverage of Adolescent Substance Use Prevention in State Frameworks for Health Education: 10-Year Follow-Up, Christopher M. Seitz, David L. Wyrick, Muhsin M. Orsini, Jeffrey J. Milroy and Melodie Fearnow-Kenney
  • Sexual Behaviors of Middle School Students: 2009 Youth Risk Behavior Survey Results From 16 Locations, Michele J. Moore, Elissa M. Barr and Tammie M. Johnson

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