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Journal of School Health

Référence :  Vol. 82, n°2, février 2012

  • Cross-Cultural Analysis of Cognitive Attributions of Smoking in Thai and South Korean Adolescents, Randy M. Page, Sunhee Park, Jiraporn Suwanteerangkul, Hyunju Park, Maria Kemeny and Lynn Philips
  • School Engagement Among Aboriginal Students in Northern Canada: Perspectives From Activity Settings Theory, Colleen M. Davison and Penelope Hawe
  • Sexual Initiation, Parent Practices, and Acculturation in Hispanic Seventh Graders, Daisy Y. Morales-Campos, Christine Markham, Melissa Fleschler Peskin and Maria E. Fernandez
  • Effect of Nutrition Changes on Foods Selected by Students in a Middle School-Based Diabetes Prevention Intervention Program: The HEALTHY Experience, The HEALTHY Study Group, Connie C. Mobley, Diane D. Stadler, Myrlene A. Staten, Laure El ghormli, Bonnie Gillis, Jill Hartstein, Anna Maria Siega-Riz and Amy Virus
  • The Effect of Nutrient-Based Standards on Competitive Foods in 3 Schools: Potential Savings in Kilocalories and Grams of Fat, Anastasia M. Snelling and Jennifer Yezek
  • Challenges to Collaboration in School Mental Health and Strategies for Overcoming Them, Mark D. Weist, Elizabeth A. Mellin, Kerri L. Chambers, Nancy A. Lever, Deborah Haber and Christine Blaber

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