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Référence :  N°6, octobre 2011

Thème :  Varia

  • Making a case for the psychoanalytic study of education, Alan Bainbridge, Linden West
  • To Think or Not to Think, Lene Auestad
  • Beginning teaching: the theory/practice divide, Alan Bainbridge
  • Margot’s Red Shoes, Anne Bastin, Philippe Chaussecourte
  • Self-Respect, Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem: psychoanalytic and philosophical implications for Higher Education, Tony Brown, Mark Murphy
  • Playing and Adults Learning, Jacki Cartlidge
  • Cross identification analysis in the class, Laure Castelnau, Claudine Blanchard-Laville
  • The Current Educational System as the Enemy of Experiential Learning Anastasios Gaitanidis
  • Using Psychodynamic Ideas in Teaching and Research, Celia Hunt, Linden West
  • Training Psychologists: learning from emotions in the university context, Adele Nunziante Cesàro, Anna Zurolo, Valentina Boursier, Alessandra Delli Vener
  • Good-enough or omnipotent trainers, Jean-Luc Rinaudo
  • Along the continua: mentally ill artist students uninterrupted, Olivia Sagan
  • When the Teachers’ Transferential Response Inhibits Learning, Alper Sahin
  • Learning through ourselves: the supervision group as a training tool, Alessandra Delli Veneri, Adele Nunziante Cesàro, Valentina Boursier
  • Training teachers: psychoanalytical issues in the teacher-student and institutional relationship, Anna Zurolo, Alessandra Delli Veneri

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