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British Journal of Educational Psychology (BJEP)

Référence :  Vol. 78, n°3, septembre 2008

  • The influence of context-specific and dispositional achievement goals on children's paired collaborative interaction, Amanda Harris, Nicola Yuill, Rosemary Luckin
  • The roles of perceived task interdependence and group members' interdependence in the development of collective efficacy in university student group contexts, Seyyed Babak Alavi, John McCormick
  • How second-grade students internalize rules during teacher-student transactions: A case study, Jacques Méard, Stefano Bertone, Eric Flavier
  • Ambitious mothers - successful daughters: Mothers' early expectations for children's education and children's earnings and sense of control in adult life, Eirini Flouri, Denise Hawkes
  • Training parents to help their children read: A randomized control trial, Kathy Sylva, Stephen Scott, Vasiliki Totsika, Katharina Ereky-Stevens, Carolyn Crook
  • Epistemological beliefs in child care: Implications for vocational education, J. Brownlee, G. Boulton-Lewis, D. Berthelsen
  • Associations between peer victimization, fear of future victimization and disrupted concentration on class work among junior school pupils, Michael J. Boulton, Mark Trueman, Lindsay Murray
  • Differential ability and attainment in language and arithmetic of Dutch primary school pupils,Ton Mooij, Geert Driessen

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