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British Journal of Educational Psychology (BJEP)

Référence :  Vol. 76, n°3, septembre 2006

  • Expecting the best for students: Teacher expectations and academic outcomes, Rubie-Davies, Christine; Hattie, John; Hamilton, Richard
  • Factors related to perceived power usage in schools, Schwarzwald, Joseph; Koslowsky, Meni; Brody-Shamir, Shlomit
  • Sex differences in Cognitive Abilities Test scores: A UK national picture, Strand, Steve; Deary, Ian J.; Smith, Pauline
  • Season of birth and childhood intelligence: Findings from the Aberdeen Children of the 1950s cohort study, Lawlor, Debbie A.; Clark, Heather; Ronalds, Georgina; Leon, David A.
  • Book reading styles in dual-parent and single-mother families, Blake, Joanna; Macdonald, Silvana; Bayrami, Lisa; Agosta, Vanessa; Milian, Andrea
  • The role of learning to read in the development of problem behaviour: A cross-lagged longitudinal study, Halonen, Anne; Aunola, Kaisa; Ahonen, Timo; Nurmi, Jari-Erik
  • Influences on cognitive engagement: Epistemological beliefs and need for closure, DeBacker, Teresa K.; Crowson, H. Michael
  • Teachers' and pupils' definitions of bullying, Naylor, Paul; Cowie, Helen; Cossin, Fabienne; Bettencourt, Rita de; Lemme, Francesca
  • Peer victimization and depression in early-mid adolescence: A longitudinal study, Sweeting, Helen; Young, Robert; West, Patrick; Der, Geoff
  • Are mastery and ability goals both adaptive? Evaluation, initial goal construction and the quality of task engagement, Butler, Ruth
  • Effects of cueing and collaboration on the acquisition of complex legal skills, Hummel, Hans G. K.; Paas, Fred; Koper, Rob
  • The Approaches to Teaching Inventory: A critique of its development and applicability, Meyer, Jan H. F.; Eley, Malcolm G.
  • An assessment of anxiety levels in dyslexic students in higher education, Carroll, Julia M.; Iles, Jane E.
  • Comparing groups in a before-after design: When t test and ANCOVA produce different results, Wright, Daniel B.

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