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Journal of School Health

Référence :  Vol. 91, n°1, janvier 2021

  • Factors Associated with Caregiver Preferences for Children's Return to School during the COVID‐19 Pandemic, Christine A. Limbers PhD
  • Evaluation of the Choose Health: Food, Fun, and Fitness 3rd‐ to 6th‐Grade Curriculum: Changes in Obesity‐Related Behaviors, Wendy S. Wolfe PhD, Jamie Dollahite PhD
  • School as a Protective Setting for Excess Weight Gain and Child Obesity: A Meta‐Analysis, Laura M. Nicholson MA, Dorothy McLeod Loren PhD, Alexandra Reifenberg BA, Michael W. Beets MEd, MPH, PhD, Amy M. Bohnert PhD
  • Impact of Body Weight Perceptions and Electronic Bullying on Suicide‐Related Risk Behaviors among Youth: Results from Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, 2015, Shipra Singh MBBS, MPH, PhD, Carly Jean Thompson MPH, Rahul Kak Bachelors in Economics, Lauren Nicole Smith MPH, Nadia Quainoo MPH
  • Youth Assets and Associations With Adolescent Risk Taking, Lynne C. Messer PhD, MPH, Corrie Halladay MPH, MSW, Gina Hofert MA, Barbara K. Sheppard BSW
  • Attitudes, Subjective Norms, and Perceived Behavioral Control Associated with Age of First Use of Cannabis among Adolescents, Liat Korn PhD, Denise L. Haynie PhD, MPH, Jeremy W. Luk PhD, Kellienne Sita BS, Bruce G. Simons‐Morton EdD, MPH
  • School Mental Health Curriculum Effects on Peer Violence Victimization and Perpetration: A Cluster‐Randomized Trial, Melissa J. DuPont‐Reyes PhD, MPH, Alice P. Villatoro PhD, Jo C. Phelan PhD, Kris Painter PhD, Kay Barkin BA, Bruce G. Link PhD
  • Mental Health Services in the United States Public High Schools, Andrea J. Shelton PhD Professor, Emiel W. Owens EdD
  • Model School‐District Wellness Policies Warrant Improvements in Comprehensiveness and Strength, Jessica R. Meendering PhD, ACSM‐EP, Maty M. Skinner MS, Lacey A. McCormack PhD, MPH, RD

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