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Italian journal of sociology of education (IJSE)

Référence :  Vol. 10 n° 3

Thème :  Youth, Ethnicity And School Policies: A Cross National Approach In France And In Italy


Guest editors: Maddalena Colombo, Alessandro Bergamaschi, Catherine Blaya and Barbara-Fouquet Chauprade

Special section

  • Introduction to the Special Section. Two Educational Systems, Two Societies, Two Social Philosophies, Alessandro Bergamaschi, Catherine Blaya
  • Cultural Diversity and the Governance of School Policies in Italy and in France. A Comparative Analysis of the National Regulations, Giada Cascino, Alessandro Porrovecchio, Marinella Muscarà, Philippe Masson, Sergio Severino
  • The Link between Context, Ethnicity and Diversity in the School Careers of Migrant Students and Descendants of Migrants, Evelyne Bartho
  • The Intertwining of Laïcité and Ethnicity: Observations from Teachers’ Practices in State Schools in Provence, Vanille Laborde, Guillaume Silhol
  • The Educational Trajectories of Second-Generation Students Towards Higher Education: Motivations, Family’s Role and “Institutional” Bias, Alessandro Bozzett
  • Native and Immigrant Parents’ Involvement in School-Related Activities in France and Italy, Debora Mantovani, Giancarlo Gasperoni
  • Is Diversity Enough? Exploring Intergroup Friendships in Italian Multiethnic Schools, Cinzia Pica-Smith, Rina Manuela Contini, Bob Ives
  • Cultivating Ethnicity Through the Language of Origin: the Third Generation of Italians and Language and ‘Culture of Origin’ Courses in Switzerland, Nicole Chatelain, Francesco Arcidiacono
  • The Impact of Ethnicity on School Life: a Cross-National Post-Commentary, Maddalena Colombo


  • Psychosocial and Contextual Factors Related to Early Drinking Initiation in a Sample of Italian Adolescents (12-14 years), Michele Contel, Carlo Buzzi, Enzo Loner, Francesca Sartori, Maurizio Tucci
  • Salary Acceptability and Substitution Factors for Graduates’ Employment, Luigi Fabbris, Manuela Scioni
  • Can Schools Help Working-Class Students Access University?, Fiorenzo Parziale, Sandra Vatrella
  • Social Inequalities in Higher Education Participation in Trentino from the Bologna Process to the Great Recession (2000-2012), Loris Vergolini

Book reviews

  • Teachers’ Mobility as a Lens to Investigate Their Occupational Conditions, Gianluca Argentin
  • Inequalities in the Swiss School System, Paolo Barabanti
  • Innovating School Through ITC: a Pilot Experience in Sardinia, Chiara Belotti
  • Mitigating Generation Gap in Digital Age. Competences, Concerns, Implications, Hamide Elif Üzümcü

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