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Science Education

Référence :  Vol. 102, n°2, mars 2018

  • The pursuit of a “better” explanation as an organizing framework for science teaching and learning, Nicos Papadouris, Stamatis Vokos and Constantinos P. Constantinou
  • Improving STEM program quality in out-of-school-time: Tool development and validation, Ashima Mathur Shah, Caroline Wylie, Drew Gitomer and Gil Noam
  • What are critical features of science curriculum materials that impact student and teacher outcomes?, Natalie Pareja Roblin, Christian Schunn and Susan McKenney
  • The conundrum of social class: Disparities in publishing among STEM students in undergraduate research programs at a Hispanic majority institution, Sara Grineski, Heather Daniels, Timothy Collins, Danielle X. Morales, Angela Frederick and Marilyn Garcia
  • Students as researchers: What and why seventh-grade students choose to write when investigating their own research question, Tuva Bjørkvold and Marte Blikstad-Balas
  • Characterizing elementary teachers’ enactment of high-leverage practices through engineering design-based science instruction, Brenda M. Capobianco, Jacqueline DeLisi and Jeffrey Radloff
  • Becoming science learners: A study of newcomers’ identity work in elementary school science, Rebeca Gamez and Carolyn A. Parke
  • Children's ideas about fossils and foundational concepts related to fossils, isa A. Borgerding and Sara Raven

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