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Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research (SERJ)

Référence :  Vol. 62, n°2, avril 2018

  • Recruitment to Teaching: The Changing Impact of Social Origins in Norway 1975–2010, Mari Lande With
  • Antiracism Education? A Study of an Antiracism Workshop in Finland, Aminkeng Atabong Alemanji & Boby Mafi
  • “Behind the Words”: Negotiating Literal/Figurative Sense When Translating the Lyrics to a Children’s Song in Bilingual Preschool, Anne Kultti & Niklas Pramling
  • Identifying Mechanisms of Teaching Practices: A Study in Swedish Comprehensive Schooling, Olof Reichenber
  • Establishing Scientific Discourse in Classroom Interaction Teacher Students’ Orientation to Mundane Versus Technical Talk in the School Subject Norwegian, Karianne Skovholt
  • Learning about “Half”: Critical Aspects and Pedagogical Strategies in Designed Preschool Activities, Camilla Björklund
  • The Value of Assessing Pupils’ Academic Self-Concept, Jørgen Frost & Ernst Ottem
  • Seeking Understanding of Foreign Language Teachers’ Shifting Emotions in Relation to Pupils, Maria Ruohotie-Lyhty, Aino Korppi, Josephine Moate & Tarja Nyman
  • Psychometric Properties of an Instrument to Measure Social and Pedagogical School Climate Among Teachers (PESOC), H. Hultin, L. Ferrer-Wreder, K. Eichas, M. Karlberg, L. Grosin & M.R. Galanti
  • The New Generation of Auditors Meeting Praxis: Dual Learning’s Role in Audit Students’ Professional Development, Lena Agevall, Pernilla Broberg & Timurs Umans

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