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Science Education

Référence :  Vol. 101, n°5, septembre 2017

  • Doors labeled as times: Frames of observing and understanding, John Settlage and Sherry A. Southerland
  • Expanding STEM opportunities through inclusive STEM-focused high schools, Barbara Means, Haiwen Wang, Xin Wei, Sharon Lynch, Vanessa Peters, Viki Young and Carrie Allen
  • Identity work in the college science classroom: The cases of two successful latecomers to science, Phoebe A. Jackson and Gale Seiler
  • Killing curiosity? An analysis of celebrated identity performances among teachers and students in nine London secondary science classrooms, Louise Archer, Emily Dawson, Jennifer DeWitt, Spela Godec, Heather King, Ada Mau, Effrosyni Nomikou and Amy Seakins
  • Transformative parents: Facilitating transformative experiences and interest with a parent involvement intervention, Benjamin C. Heddy and Gale M. Sinatra
  • Developing a learning progression for three-dimensional learning of the patterns of evolution, Yael Wyner and Jennifer H. Doherty
  • “But the science we do here matters”: Youth-authored cases of consequential learning, Daniel Birmingham, Angela Calabrese Barton, Autumn McDaniel, Jalah Jones, Camryn Turner and Angel Rogers

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