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Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research (SERJ)

Référence :  Vol. 61, n°6, décembre 2017

  • University Applicants’ Critical Thinking Skills: The Case of the Finnish Educational Sciences, Jukka Utriainen, Miika Marttunen, Eeva Kallio & Päivi
  • TynjäläThe Complexity of Learning: Exploring the Interplay of Different Mediational Means in Group Learning with Digital Tools, Irina Engeness & Anne Edwards
  • Does School Admission by Zoning Affect Educational Inequality? A Study of Family Background Effect in Estonia, Finland, and Sweden, Kaire Põder , Triin Lauri & Andre Veski
  • Individual Development Plans as Governance Tools – Changed Governance of Teachers’ Work, Karolina Parding & Andreas Liljegren
  • Why Do Some Young Adults not Graduate From Upper-Secondary School? On the Importance of Signals of Labour Market Failure, Björn Gustafsson, Katarina Katz & Torun Österberg
  • The Mediating Effects of Approaches to Learning on the Academic Success of First-Year College Students, Sandra T. Valadas , Leandro S. Almeida & Alexandra M. Araújo
  • University Lecturers’ Experiences of and Reflections on the Development of Their Pedagogical Competency, Virve Pekkarinen & Laura Hirsto

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