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Journal of Research in Science Teaching (JRST)

Référence :  Vol. 57, n°8, octobre 2020

  • Explaining a reverse gender gap in advanced physics and computer science course‐taking: An exploratory case study comparing Hebrew‐speaking and Arabic‐speaking high schools in Israel, Halleli Pinson, Yariv Feniger, Yael Barak
  • Epistemic beliefs and prior knowledge as predictors of the construction of different types of arguments on socioscientific issues, Andreani Baytelman, Kalypso Iordanou, Constantinos P. Constantinou
  • Science capital or STEM capital? Exploring relationships between science capital and technology, engineering, and maths aspirations and attitudes among young people aged 17/18, Julie Moote, Louise Archer, Jennifer DeWitt, Emily MacLeod
  • Participation in structured STEM‐focused out‐of‐school time programs in secondary school: Linkage to postsecondary STEM aspiration and major, Hsun‐Yu Chan, Hyejin Choi, Meseret F. Hailu, Melinda Whitford, Sheila Duplechain DeRouen
  • Experiences, activities, and personal characteristics as predictors of engagement in STEM‐focused summer programs
  • Jennifer A. Schmidt, Patrick N. Beymer, Joshua M. Rosenberg, Neil N. Naftzger, Lee Shumow

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