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European Educational Research Journal (EERJ)

Référence :  Vol. 54, n°3, septembre 2019

Thème :  Teacher professional competences and standards. Concepts and implementation

  • Teacher professional competences and standards. Concepts and implementation, Gábor Halász, Janet Looney
  • What is teaching about? Professionalism and the limitations of standards and competences, Christopher Day
  • Pages: 315-318 | First Published: 18 July 2019
  • What is teaching for?, Alain Michel
  • Designing and implementing teacher policies using competence frameworks as an integrative policy tool, Gábor Halász
  • Teaching standards and the promotion of quality teaching, Lawrence Ingvarson
  • Aligning teacher competence frameworks to 21st century challenges: The case for the European Digital Competence Framework for Educators (Digcompedu), Francesca Caena, Christine Redecker
  • National Qualifications Framework and TVET teacher competence frameworks: A neglected dimension of qualifications reforms?, Borhene Chakroun
  • Teacher professional standards to support teacher quality and learning in Estonia, Margus Pedaste, Äli Leijen, Katrin Poom‐Valickis, Eve Eisenschmidt
  • Teacher competence frameworks in Hungary: A case study on the continuum of teacher learning, Vasileios Symeonidis
  • Reframing the teacher profession as a dynamic multifaceted profession: A wider perspective on teacher quality and teacher competence frameworks, Marco Snoek, Jurriën Dengerink, Bas de Wit
  • The relationship between the school as a learning organisation and staff outcomes: A case study of Wales, Marco Kools, Pierre Gouëdard, Bert George, Bram Steijn, Victor Bekkers, Louise Stoll
  • The influence of gender composition in a field of study on students' drop‐out of higher education, Jasmin Meyer, Susanne Strauß
  • The effect of primary education teachers on the formation of pupil citizenship, Ivan Lukšik
  • Everyone in school: The effects of compulsory schooling age on drop‐out and completion rates, Erica Raimondi, Loris Vergolini

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