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Paedagogica Historica

Référence :  Vol. 53, n°5, octobre 2017

Thème :  Educational soundscapes: sounds and silences in the history of education

  • Educational soundscapes: tuning in to sounds and silences in the history of education, Pieter Verstraete & Josephine Hoegaerts
  • Silence or the sound of limpid water: disability, power, and the educationalisation of silence, Pieter Verstraete
  • Silence as borderland: a semiotic approach to the “silent” pupil in nineteenth-century vocal education, Josephine Hoegaerts
  • Experimenting with Sound and Silence: sonorous bodies, sonic selves, acoustic topographies, and auditory histories of schooling, Joyce Goodman
  • “Radiorrhea”: an examination of mid-century youth and radio culture in Belgian pedagogies of leisure, 1945–1965, Laura Di Spurio
  • Teaching, learning, and evaluating: handwriting in Uruguayan public elementary schools in the 1830s, Juan Viacava
  • Municipalities and educational modernisation: a historical and geographical atlas of municipalities and education in Portugal, Justino Magalhães
  • Les colonies de vacances en France, 1944–1958: impulsions politiques autour d’un fait social majeur, Julien Fuchs
  • In the shadow of Sputnik: a transnational approach to Menzies support for science education in Australia, 1957–1964, Jennifer Clark

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