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Etudes et rapports internationaux

Sélection de rapports officiels et d'études internationaules, pouvant intéresser la recherche en éducation.

Il y a actuellement 1848 rapports signalés dans notre base de données.

Liste des études et rapports internationaux :

  • Exploring higher education indicators (05/2020)
  • On the way to 2020, data for vocational education and training policies Indicator overviews : 2019 update (05/2020)
  • Empowering Families for Distance Learning in Early Childhood (05/2020)
  • How a student’s month of birth is linked to performance at school (05/2020)
  • The future of language education in Europe: case studies of innovative practices (05/2020)
  • The Sign Hub: preserving, researching and fostering the linguistic, historical and cultural heritage of European Deaf signing communities with an integral resource (04/2020)
  • Building up evidence on work-based learning in VET. A reflection on sources for possible indicators or benchmarks on work-based learning (04/2020)
  • Rethinking education in the digital age (04/2020)
  • International strategic institutional partnerships and the European Universities Initiative. Results of the EUA survey (04/2020)
  • Reopening of schools in Denmark (04/2020)

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