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Etudes et rapports internationaux

Sélection de rapports officiels et d'études internationaules, pouvant intéresser la recherche en éducation.

Il y a actuellement 1780 rapports signalés dans notre base de données.

Liste des études et rapports internationaux :

  • Monitoring the quality of early childhood education and care. Complementing the 2014 ECEC quality framework proposal with indicators : recommendations from ECEC experts (04/2018)
  • MORE3 study: Support data collection and analysis concerning mobility patterns and career paths of researchers (04/2018)
  • The challenges of measuring wellbeing in schools. A review prepared for the Ontario Teachers’ Federation. Toronto, Ontario : Ontario Teachers’ Federation. (04/2018)
  • Handbook on Measuring Equity in Education (03/2018)
  • Education externalities. What they are and what we know - Study (03/2018)
  • Developing Computational Thinking in Compulsory Education - Implications for policy and practice (03/2018)
  • Immigrant background and expected early school leaving in Europe: evidence from PISA (03/2018)
  • Public procurement of food for health. Technical report on the school setting (03/2018)
  • Erasmus Mundus Action 2 partnerships: Main achievements and results (2010-2018) (03/2018)
  • National qualifications framework developments in Europe 2017 (03/2018)

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