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Supporting school self-evaluation and development Key considerations for policy-makers : report by ET2020 Working Group Schools

Auteur(s) :  Janet Looney

Date :  07/2020


The Education and Training 2020 Working Group Schools is contributing to high quality inclusive education across the European Education Area through its analysis of how quality assurance policies can support school- and teacher-led culture of quality enhancement. A culture of quality enhancement in school education places an emphasis on continuous improvement, with the overall objective of improving all children’s and young people’s learning and wellbeing.

The Group focused its work on exploring how policy makers can support school self-evaluation as a key mechanism for school development. Meaningful school self-evaluation can lead to improved school quality and to the identification of priorities for school development; it can also encourage collaborative professional learning among teachers, and lead to improved academic and non-academic outcomes for students.

This report sets out key considerations to guide policy making at national and regional levels in relation to how to support school self-evaluation and development. The key considerations seek to be relevant to and adaptable by all education systems whilst recognising that each system is different and complex. The report also includes recent research findings and country examples of policy development, provided by the Working Group Schools Members, which offer inspiration for how these key considerations can be realised in practice.

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