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Erasmus+ and Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC). Project results and analysis

Editeur(s) :  European Commission (EC)

Date :  02/2021


This publication presents a selection of these projects and their results, and it shows how they contribute to improve access to and the quality of ECEC provision across Europe. It hopes to inspire other ECEC staff and organisations to participate in the programme to improve their practice and support their professional development.

Analysis of projects shows that KA 1 projects offer great potential for learning for the ECEC sector or potential for replication to enhance quality in ECEC settings. Most commonly, the projects offer the opportunity to enhance staff professionalisation through activities such as job shadowing or attending training courses in other countries, which implicitly enhance skills, experiences and competences for the staff and students involved. Further examples demonstrate how ECEC institutions can enhance curricula by sharing practices or attending training on established educational methods. There are also some very innovative examples, which support the theme of access, particularly with a focus on inclusion.

This publication also invites ECEC professionals to use the many great results that have been developed by their peers (educational materials, teaching guides, e-learning modules, handbooks, research reports, etc.). Each project information sheet includes a summary of the project and links to the various linguistic versions of materials created by the project.

(pdf, 117 pages)

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