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Compendium of inspiring practices on inclusive and citizenship education

Auteur(s) :  Leeuw-Roord, Joke van der ; Driel, Barry van ; Donlevy, Vicki ; Janum, Anja ; Battaglini, Mario ; Staring, François

Editeur(s) :  European Commission (EC)

Date :  03/2021


This compendium presents a comprehensive range of inspiring practices brought together by the ET 2020 Working Group on Common Values and Inclusive Education over the period 2016-2020.1 The principal objective of the compendium is to provide ideas and inspiration for policymakers and practitioners who strive to improve the inclusiveness of education and training systems across the EU. We also hope that it will contribute to developing the growing body of evidence on the importance and added value of inclusive education.

The Working Group comprised representatives from EU Member States and Candidate countries, as well as from relevant EU agencies, stakeholder associations, social partners and international organisations. It addressed a range of themes relating to inclusive education, non-discrimination in education and citizenship education, set out in the successive mandates (2016- 20182 and 2018-20203) of the Working Group. The inspiring practices were identified through exchanges which took place in Working Group meetings in Brussels and Peer Learning Activities hosted by different Working Group members in the participating countries.

Structure of the compendium

Theme 1: Fostering social, civic and intercultural competences

Theme 2: Enhancing critical thinking and media literacy

Theme 3: Supporting disadvantaged learners

Theme 4: Promoting intercultural dialogue

Theme 5: European history education

(pdf, 424 p.)

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mot(s) clé(s) :  éducation interculturelle, éducation civique et morale, inclusion