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Lessons from Drive to Write Supporting Teachers’ Use of Technology for Remote Instruction

Editeur(s) :  MDRC

Date :  08/2020


In spring 2020, teachers across the country suddenly faced the need to conduct remote instruction due to the COVID-19 crisis. They quickly adopted new technology and new routines to teach content they’d previously only delivered face-to-face in their classrooms. Now, as educators prepare for the possibility of remote learning extending into the fall and beyond, schools and districts are working to support them from afar. In 2019, MDRC published an evaluation of Drive to Write, an intervention in which expert coaches helped teachers use Google Suite tools to manage classroom assignments, provide actionable feedback to students, and use data to assess a student’s progress in order to differentiate or customize instruction. The program was designed by New Visions for Public Schools, a nonprofit school improvement organization that works with more than 750 public schools in New York City and offers support such as professional development and data infrastructure. The intervention targets ninth-grade Global History teachers who are not trained writing instructors.

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