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Reopening of schools in Denmark

Auteur(s) :  Irene Bell and Chris Chapman

Editeur(s) :  University of GlasgowPolicy Scotland ;

Date :  04/2020


The Scottish Government has published its Coronavirus (COVID-19): Framework for decision-making, which outlines the approach and principles that it will use as a guide to make decisions about transitioning out of the lockdown arrangements.

Part of this process will look at the reopening of schools and educational establishments. Scotland will follow others who will have reopened schools earlier in the year and has an opportunity to draw out the lessons from the decisions and experiences from other systems.  

This briefing paper summarises some of the key practices developed in Denmark which reopened some provision on 15 April 2020. It distills the currently available guidance, and concentrates on those areas which might be the most appropriate now and which have implications for the Scottish education system.

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