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Faculty of Education

The Faculty's Research Strengths
  • - many aspects of teaching and learning in the early and primary stages of education focusing on the impact of the National Curriculum on teaching styles and classroom interactions as well as pupil attitudes, motivations and performance.
  • - issues connected with school improvement related to understanding the nature and extent of improvement as well as the conditions influencing it; the contribution of 'pupil voice' and the theorising of links between pupil participation and performance; the study and practices of school inspection and self-evaluation; and the particular challenges facing disadvantaged schools.
  • - the processes of teaching and teacher development with particular reference to developing greater understanding of the nature of effective teaching and the ways in which teachers, in partnership with others, may be helped to develop greater expertise.
  • - studies which draw on the disciplines of history, philosophy and sociology to develop critical understanding of key issues in education, focusing particularly on citizenship education, gender, social justice and teachers' professional identity.
  • - analyses both of what children read and how they make sense of what they read with particular reference to learning from the child's perspective, the development of critical literacy and, most recently, the nature of visual literacy.
  • - teaching and learning in different subjects of the school curriculum ranging across issues about the nature of subjects, research-based approaches to subject pedagogy, teacher and student conceptions of subject matter and learning activity, the reconceptualisation of subjects to generate greater interest amongst young people and the development of technology to facilitate subject learning; most school subjects are represented with a particularly sizeable grouping of researchers in mathematics.
  • - inclusive education with particular reference to the ways in which intervention strategies can be developed to enhance educational opportunity and entitlement for children and adults described as having learning difficulties.
  • The Faculty's research profile also benefits from a small group of colleagues whose research expertise relates primarily to some of the 'main subjects' of the curriculum such as English & Drama and Mathematics.

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