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Association for Teacher Education in Europe

Sigle :  ATEE

ATEE, the Association for Teacher Education in Europe, aims at constructing a network of teacher educators and teachers in order to promote professional development and innovation in education. Being a European organisation, ATEE cherishes the diversity it hosts and considers it its main richness, culturally and in regard to expertise in the educational field.

The Association for Teacher Education in Europe is a non-governmental non-profit European organisation, which focuses on the information and the professional development of teachers and teacher education at all, levels. With over 600 members from more than 40 countries, the ATEE is a multicultural association with a wide expertise on the various fields of teacher education.

The association is involved in a series of activities concerning research, practice, and collaborative work. The projects, in which ATEE has had an active participation, either as a partner or as a coordinator, are countless and varied in scope, ranging from the preparation of events and publications, to the implementation of technology in teacher education, or the creation of networks.


mot(s) clé(s) :  formation des enseignants

catégorie(s) :  systèmes éducatifs