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International conference on Criticality in Education (Research): Definitions, Discourses and Controversies

Date :  du 31-08-2017 au 01-09-2017

Lieu :  Helsinki

Organisation : 

University of Helsinki

Programme : 

This conference discusses the definitions, discourses and controversies related to the topic of criticality in education (research). All levels of education are of interest. The following questions are asked:

- What does it mean ‘to be critical’ in education (research)? How do critical theories and/or approaches come-into-being in education (research)? What is/are the relevancies and significances of critical theories/ approaches in education (research)?

- How do we define the contested idea of criticality in order to make it useful? Is it a disposition, a skill and/or a habit of mind? Can it be learnt? Can it be defined?

- Can we work from definitions of criticality that avoid creating hierarchies between learners from different ‘cultures’? Can we once and for allavoid falling into the trap of giving the privilege of criticality to the ‘Western world’?

- What conceptions (note the plural?) of critical thinking could we use to do so? Are there examples of alternative approaches to criticality being fed into education (research)?

Plenary speakers:

- Adrian Holliday, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK.

- Li Xi (Cecilee), Beijing Foreign Studies University, China

- Razmig Keucheyan, University of Bordeaux (Centre Émile Durkheim), France

submission of proposals by 15th March 2017


mot(s) clé(s) :  recherche en éducation, utilisation des recherches