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NERA 2015 - 43th Annual Congress of the Nordic Educational Research Association - Marketisation and Differentiation in Education

Date :  du 04-03-2015 au 06-03-2015

Lieu :  Göteborg

Organisation :  Nordic Educational Research Association (NERA)

Programme : 
Decentralisation, deregulation and restructuring of various national educational systems, along with the expansion of choice opportunities, began arguably in the 1970s, and effectively spread to the Nordic countries during the early 1990s.
Local Authorities and their schools were given more independence from direct State control and private choice and consumption began to be prioritized, nurtured by the logic of economic growth, marketisation and consumerism. What are the consequences of these developments for children, pupils, teachers, parents, and/or local communities, and in what ways have they influenced the education systems, institutions and professionals in the Nordic countries and affected educational standards and equality there? These are some of the issues we will present and discuss at the NERA Congress in Gothenburg in 2015.

      Keynote Speakers

      - Prof. Jane Kenway, Monash University, Australia
      The emotional life of markets in education

      - Prof. Hugh Lauder, University of Bath, UK
      The Repositioning of Education in the 21st Century and what Can be Done About It

      - Prof. Lisbeth Lundahl, University of Umeå, Sweden
      Equality and Justice – Business and Excellence

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