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EUA Annual Conference 2015 - European Universities in Research and Innovation - People, Policies and Partnerships

Date :  du 16-04-2015 au 17-04-2015

Lieu :  Anvers

Organisation :  European University Association (EUA)

Programme : 
Universities are unique institutions in combining education, research and innovation activities as part of their mission and thus are central actors in Europe’s research and innovation system. Universities play a vital role in attracting talent, educating the labour force of the future, and preparing the next generation of researchers. These highly-skilled professionals are essential to building Europe's research and innovation capacity and to enhancing its competitiveness through generating high added value products and services. Because of their capacity to engage in new endeavours and partnerships, European universities are in a position to contribute greatly to societal advancement, and in particular to the European Research Area.

The role of universities in research and innovation is thus the topic of EUA’s Annual Conference 2015. The conference will address both new opportunities for universities to increase their research capacity and impact in society (e.g. through more and better research collaborations, better integration of state-of-the-art research into educational programmes, the emerging movement of Science 2.0), as well as the challenges and pressures facing universities in delivering excellent research outputs and educational programmes.

      The conference session will be organised along three main axes:

      - the role of universities in educating and training researchers (the “People” dimension);
      - the increase in partnerships with other universities, research institutions and businesses to better respond to societal demands (the “Partnerships” dimension);
      - how policy frameworks create the conditions for regional transformation and foster innovation and competitiveness (the “Policies” dimension).

      In addition, a dedicated session on University Research: for the Benefit of Society will look at the role of and benefits of science for society. This will include a series of poster presentations which will enable researchers from European universities present contributions in the form of scientific discoveries that have had a concrete impact on society.

      In the afternoon of the second day, the EUA Hot Topic session will return for a third year, this time focusing on Energy Research and Education. This session will aim to engage universities in a dialogue on their role in this area through the newly-launched FP7 UNI-SET project, aiming at mobilising the research, innovation and educational capacities of universities in Europe.

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