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2015 AERA Annual Meeting - Toward Justice: Culture, Language, and Heritage in Education Research and Praxis

Date :  du 16-04-2015 au 20-04-2015

Lieu :  Chicago

Organisation :  American Educational Research Association (AERA)

Programme : 

The AERA Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of scholars in the field of education research. It is a showcase for ground-breaking, innovative studies in a diverse array of areas -- from early education through higher education, from digital learning to second language literacy. It is where to encounter ideas and data that will shape tomorrow's education practices and policies, and where to connect with leading thinkers from the U.S. and around the world.
The 2015 Annual Meeting theme is intended to focus our attention on justice—locally as well as globally—in a spirit of mutually respectful collaborative engagement with our disciplines and modes of inquiry in the context of the world around us. The aim is to make room for democratized knowledge and knowledge production in which the experiences of all people are shaped by principles and practices of justice. When we do so, our scholarly interests can align more closely with the interests of justice for those who have been and are educationally marginalized, dispossessed, and excluded.

Major adresses and lectures

- AERA Opening Plenary Session: John Whittington Franklin, Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture
Creating the Smithsonian's Newest Museum: the National Museum of African American History and Culture

- AERA Presidential Address: Joyce E. King, AERA President; Professor and Benjamin E. Mays Endowed Chair of Urban Teaching, Learning and Leadership at Georgia State University
Morally Engaged Research/ers Dismantling Epistemological Nihilation in the Age of Impunity

- The Wallace Foundation Distinguished Lecture: William F. Tate, AERA 2008 Past President, Washington University in St. Louis
Who Is My Neighbor? The Geography of Opportunity in Ferguson and Beyond

- AERA Distinguished Lecture: Ellen Condliffe Lagemann, Bard College
College in Prison: A Cause in Need of Advocacy Research

- AERA Distinguished Public Service Award Lecture (2015): Joseph C. Conaty,
U.S. Department of Education 30 Years On: A Federal Administrator’s Perspective on Education Research

- AERA Distinguished Contributions to Research in Education Award (2014) Address: Adam Gamoran, William T. Grant Foundation
The Future of U.S. Educational Inequality: What Went Wrong, and How Can We Fix It?

- AERA Early Career Award (2014) Lecture: Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, University of Southern California
Embodied Brains, Social Minds, Cultural Meaning: Applying Social Affective Neuroscience to Development and Education

- AERA Early Career Award (2014) Lecture: Sara Goldrick-Rab, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Making College Free: The Case for An Effective, Sustainable Higher Education Financing System

- Social Justice in Education Award (2015) Lecture: Gloria J. Ladson-Billings, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Justice... Just, Justice!


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