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ANNULATION - 2020 AERA Annual Meeting - The Power and Possibilities for the Public Good: When Researchers and Organizational Stakeholders Collaborate

Date :  du 17-04-2020 au 21-04-2020

Lieu :  San Francisco

Organisation :  American Educational Research Association (AERA)

Programme : 

L'édition 2020 de la conférence AERA, prévue initialement en avril 2020, a été annulée. Les textes des contributions sont mis à disposition dans la bibliothèque virtuelle de l'association, comme chaque année. Une nouvelle plateforme dotée de fonctionnalités interactives a été ouverte pour que les contributeurs puissent déposer leur diaporama et échanger entre eux. 


The 2020 theme calls upon us as education researchers to situate our annual convening at the crossroads of deliberate reconnection. Informed and inspired by a “future-oriented historiography” (Kelley, 2018) of our past, we will intentionally come together with stakeholders representing a variety of educational organizations to expand our platform for research, practice, and policy. For over 50 years, AERA has been structurally disconnected from the educational communities about whom we write. The time has come for AERA to reclaim the historic possibilities of connectivity and collaboration in educational problem solving and to include organizational stakeholders, both national and local, as full participants in the Annual Meeting. (...)

What possibilities for new research and problem solving in educational communities could be prompted if we committed, as an organized body of 25,000 members, to engaged deliberation with organizational stakeholders across the programming in 2020? Suppose Presidential, division, and SIG sessions intentionally identified critical topical areas of unsolved educational problems that dominate the public interest, and invited leaders of a variety of educational organizations to participate on the same panels with researchers to address these areas. We can envision researchers and organizational stakeholders engaging these topical areas with each other and with audience members to imagine new possibilities in research and educational practices, from pre-K to professional schools, both within the United States and beyond our borders into the world.

This call to connect researchers with an audience of organizational stakeholders aligns with AERA’s increasing commitment to address educational challenges through policy and community engagement and to work with diverse institutional and organizational stakeholders. Although heretofore, Annual Meeting themes have also invoked and engaged the participation of the worlds of policy and practice, the 2020 theme seeks to catalyze engagement and collaboration at the organizational level. The intentionality of this emphasis we hope offers new payoffs. Organizational stakeholders often work in ways disconnected from one another and disconnected from education research. In 2020 let AERA take the lead in connecting research findings to the experiences and challenges of other educational and related organizational professionals.

This invitation to organizational leaders to join AERA members during sessions at the 2020 meeting can serve two purposes, both of which are foundational to AERA’s mission:

  • First, sharing the stage with organizational stakeholders who fight educational battles daily will open the possibility of new, previously uncontemplated research questions and, perhaps, different methodological approaches to old problems. This possibility can enhance the quality of our research and extends the first part of the AERA mission: to advance research in education.
  • Second, the presence of organizational stakeholders with researchers at the Annual Meeting increases the potential for research findings to be disseminated more widely. Leaders of organizations explicitly concerned with educational challenges have already demonstrated their commitment to the issues, and they bring with them, collectively, the numeric capacity to enable research findings to influence legislation and policy in ways that may exceed the influence of individual researchers. By seeking to engage these leaders, the 2020 theme pushes us closer to the second part of AERA’s mission: to serve the public good.


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