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EUA Annual Conference 2019 - Driving innovation in Europe’s universities

Date :  du 11-04-2019 au 12-04-2019

Lieu :  Paris

Organisation :  European University Association (EUA)

Programme : 

Technological, medical, social, cultural and educational innovation is changing the world, and those driving it decide on the direction. As creators and providers of knowledge and places of societal reflection, universities have a central role to play in shaping the future and in nurturing the next generation of leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and researchers.

Europe’s universities are integral parts of local, national and international innovation ecosystems, working with partners in the private and public sectors to educate future innovators and jointly develop solutions to societal, economic and environmental challenges. In this context, universities provide a unique environment, ensuring critical mass and the diversity needed to address these challenges. They also create institutional cultures geared towards innovation, whether it is in high-quality learning and teaching or ground-breaking research. 

EUA’s 2019 Annual Conference will investigate universities’ strategies for shaping innovation today and in the future. Through plenary and breakout sessions of various formats, including audience participation, the conference will provide insights into the policies and practices that empower universities to be places where innovation and entrepreneurship thrive.

Plenary session 1 : universities as key-players in innovation

Plenary session 2 : Fostering new generations of innovators

Plenary session 3 : Building partnerships


Ressources mises à disposition à l'issue de la manifestation : 

• résumés, diaporamas :


Les résumés sont rassemblés dans un document téléchargeable de 8 p. Les diaporamas sont consultables à l'unité depuis le programme détaillé de la conférence.

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