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EQAF 2018 - 13rd European Quality Assurance Forum - Broadening the scope of QA

Date :  du 15-11-2018 au 17-09-2018

Lieu :  Vienne

Organisation :  European University Association (EUA)

co-organisé avec ENQA, ESU et EURASHE.

Programme : 

As a tool for supporting the quality of higher education, quality assurance (QA) has in many European higher education systems focused largely on learning and teaching. However, as underlined in the introduction to the Standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the EHEA (ESG), higher education institutions should have QA policies and processes that cover other institutional activities, and in parallel, external QA is increasingly looking into these policies.

This edition of EQAF will explore how institutions and QA agencies can build QA systems that encompass a broad range of activities, including learning and teaching, research, governance and administration, and service to society.

Through a mix of plenary and parallel sessions, the 2018 EQAF, entitled ‘Broadening the scope of QA’, will combine presentations of current developments in QA with discussions on research, policy and practice that will take place in paper sessions and workshops.

Official Opening
 Introduction to the Forum, Caty Duykaerts, Chair, EQAF Programme Committee

Plenary Session I: Putting the system in QA

This session will explore what the concept of a ‘system’ means for QA, reflecting on the research on this topic and considering what this means for both internal and external QA frameworks.
• James Williams, Quality in Higher Education

Plenary Session II: Different activities – different systems

How can quality assurance agencies and institutions adopt an approach to their quality assurance that takes into account the range of institutional activities? This panel discussion will explore the experiences of agencies and institutions in two systems that take different approaches to this question.
• Heli Mattisen, Estonian Quality Agency for Higher and Vocational Education (EKKA)
• Katrin Niglas, Tallinn University
• Christoph Niedermann, ETH Zürich
• Petra Lauk Kwasnitza, Swiss Agency of Accreditation and Quality Assurance (AAQ)

Parallel Plenary Session I: Perspectives on QA

  QA and strategy
        o Lucien Bollaert, EURASHE QA Community of Practice
• Quality of administration in higher education – the Swedish example
        o Marita Hilliges, Association of Swedish Higher Education
        o Eva Öqvist, Working Group on Quality in Administration
• QA of service to society
        o Cristina Sin, A3ES
        o Orlanda Tavares, A3ES
        o Kari Seppälä, University of Turku

Parallel Plenary Session II: Perspectives on QA

• Findings from the Bologna Process Implementation Report
        o David Crosier, Eurydice
• Assessing learning outcomes: experiences from CALOHEE
        o Robert Wagenaar, CALOHEE project
• QA of e-learning
        o Sandra Marcos, ACSUCYL
        o Esther Huertas, AQU Catalunya
        o Roger Roca, AQU Catalunya

Plenary Session III: The changing higher education landscape

• Dirk Van Damme, OECD

Parallel Workshops

  • Exploring the Supporting Potential of Two Reflection Instruments to Concretise a Vision and Strategy on Quality Culture Development
  • QA Processes and L&T Strategies: How to Use the Ten European Principles for the Enhancemen of L&T in QA Contexts
  • Quality Assurance of Assessments – Good Practice Exchange
  • Quality and Efficiency in Teaching and Learning: Friend or Foe?
  • Bridging Organisational Gaps with Process Management – A Holistic Approach to QA


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