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NERA 2017 - 45th Annual Congress of the Nordic Educational Research Association - Learning and education – material conditions and consequences

Date :  du 23-03-2017 au 25-03-2017

Lieu :  Copenhague

Organisation :  Nordic Educational Research Association (NERA)

Programme : 

The material conditions for education, pedagogy and learning are undergoing considerable changes. New technologies, materials and methodologies emerge and have many consequences for pedagogy, teaching and learning.

Pedagogical situations are increasingly mediated by technology, and the interface between formal and informal learning is becoming more and more blurred. Specialized educational technologies (such as MOOCS) promise to make learning and education much more widely available, and mainstream technologies such as computer-games, smartphones, and social media are increasingly present in education, both as everyday conditions of educational work and as deliberate means for improving educational situations. But this development is uneven and technological divides reappear in many contexts worldwide.

New understandings of material conditions are also informing the theory and practice of education. New methods (like neuroimagining and tracing of biological markers) are used to studying processes of learning, and the material elements of educational settings are increasingly recognized. As part of this, there is an increased focus on the body as a resource and arena for learning and socializing practices. This makes it possible to tailor education and pedagogy much more closely to different learners and situations. The harvesting, aggregating and application of data contributes to such personalized learning environments, but it also worms at other levels, such as monitoring the performance of educational institutions and the efficiency of policies. This often implies an uneasy mix of support and control.

The conference will explore these trends in the material conditions for educational practice and research and explore their consequences for education and learning in the Nordic countries.

Keynote Speakers:

- Katherine Hayles Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Duke University, United States
A New Mode of Orientation: Planetary Cognitive Ecologies

- Palle Damkjær Rasmussen Professor of Education and Learning Research Aalborg University, Denmark
Education and the Future of Society: Material and Social Dimensions

- Ben Williamson Lecturer in Education University of Stirling, United Kingdom
Imaginaries and materialities of educational data science


• résumés :


Les résumés de l'ensemble des contributions sont rassemblés dans un document pdf de 728 pages, téléchargeable sur le site du Congrès.

mot(s) clé(s) :  architecture et équipement, pratique pédagogique, TIC