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EAPRIL 2016 Conference - Challenges of the Digital Era for Education, Working and Learning: Researchers and Practitioners in Dialogue

Date :  du 22-11-2016 au 25-11-2016

Lieu :  Porto

Organisation :  European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning in Education and Professional Practice (EAPRIL)

Programme : 

EAPRIL aims to promote practice-based and practitioner research on learning issues in the context of formal, informal, non-formal, lifelong learning and professional development with the aim to professionally develop and train educators and, as a result, to enhance practice. At our 2016 conference it wishes to install an in-depth dialogue for practitioner researchers to describe, share and discuss the current and future technological challenges of education. The Digital Era we are living in is a period in Human history to ‘old, current and future’ environments to learning, to working. The EAPRIL delegates will experience great opportunities to exchange, think and rethink innovation in education, learning and working in times of virtual technology. Invited sessions and keynote speeches on various practices of research, teaching and training will feed this discussion.

      - Prof. Dianna Laurillard will focus in her keynote on how teachers can become more innovated in virtual learning. How can we support teachers, via technology, to innovate.
      - Prof. Alexander Gröschner will focus on how video-analyses can be part teachers’ professional development.

      As a result, EAPRIL wishes to encourage its delegates to dare to create innovative teaching/learning paradigms, dare to create new materials and develop curricula, dare to create innovative solutions and supportive technology devices and services to prevent info exclusion, dare to take advantage of the technology to the benefit of students, employers and the society at large in the actual interaction between humans and machines, or to dare to discuss and defend established approaches lacking innovative technology. We, even, welcome delegates to reflect on multiple purposes of education and professional learning (like socialization or professional identity development) in this new era.

      The final deadline for submissions is May 25 2016.

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