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IAEA 2021 - Online Annual Conference - New Norms in assessment after the pandemic

Date :  du 05-10-2021 au 07-10-2021

Lieu :  à distance

Modalité :  intégralement à distance

Organisation :  International Association for Educational Assessment (IAEA)

Programme : 

The COVID-19 pandemic provided huge challenges for organisations around the world trying to run their high stakes assessments for young people in schools and colleges. Established methods had to be modified or even abandoned completely. This IAEA event will be an opportunity to explore collectively what we have learned from that experience that might be applied to future assessments for the benefit of students.

Keynote Speakers

Rukhsana W. Zuberi
Aga Khan University, Pakistan
Excellence in Assessment – A Play in Two Parts

Alina Von Davier
Duolingo and EdAstra Tech, United States
Educational Measurement in the 21st Century: Meet Digital-first Assessments

Isabel Nisbet
University of Cambridge, UK
Fairness in assessment – looking forward from the pandemic

Programme - 5th October

- Welcome and introduction from the IAEA President

Chair: Anat Ben Simon Moderator: Naveed Yousuf

Anat Ben-Simon (Ph.D) is the CEO of the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation (NITE) in Jerusalem. Prior this position Dr. Ben-Simon headed the Department of Computer-Based Testing, directed the Israeli National Assessment of Educational Progress, the development of MATAL – a computerized test battery for the diagnosis of learning disabilities, and the Hebrew Language Project (HLP), which involves the development of tools for automated essay scoring and text analysis.

Dr. Ben-Simon obtained her Ph.D. degree in Psychology specializing in Psychometrics, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She has also been teaching in the Psychology Department of the Hebrew university for the past 15 years. Dr. Ben-Simon is the current president of International Association for Educational Assessment (IAEA).

- Excellence in Student Assessment – Making the Cut.

Professor Emerita Rukhsana W. Zuberi, Aga Khan University, Pakistan.

- Examinations during times of uncertainty

This session should allow conference participants to gain a greater understanding of how examination organisations from around the world have dealt with the pandemic and how they plan to deal with similar events in future.

The three panellists are:

  • Wayne Wesley, Registrar and CEO, Caribbean Examinations Council
  • Rufus Poliah, Chief Director, Department of Basic Education, South Africa
  • Cindy Chiu, Senior Manager for Schools Examinations and Assessment, Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority

Programme - 6th October

- Educational Measurement in the 21st Century: Meet Digital-first Assessments

Alina von Davier, Duolingo and EdAstra Tech, United States
Chair: Mary Pitoniak Moderator: Dennis Opposs

- IAEA AGM – The Annual General Meeting is only open to IAEA members

Chair: Anat Ben Simon

Programme - 7th October

- Fairness in assessment – looking forward from the pandemic

Isabel Nisbet, UK.
Chair: Anne Oberholzer Moderator: Emmanuel Sibanda

- What can we learn from the assessment of online courses in higher education?

Balancing tensions: authenticity, integrity and scalability in online assessment in higher education.
Mathew Hillier, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
The first part of this session will focus on the tensions faced by assessors in the contemporary higher education sector.

Assessment in the world of online courses: opportunities and methods
Anat Ben-Simon, NITE, Israel
The second part of this session will focus on the assessment of online learning (courses) in higher education.


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Les vidéos des interventions plénières sont disponibles sur le site de la conférence. Les actes complets sont à paraitre dans la bibliothèque numérique de l'IEAE.

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