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EUA Annual Conference 2021 - Universities 2030: From vision to reality

Date :  du 21-04-2021 au 07-05-2021

Lieu :  à distance

Modalité :  intégralement à distance

Organisation :  European University Association (EUA)

The 2021 EUA Annual Conference will be hosted on an immersive online event platform which participants will have access to from 21 April until 7 May 2021. The live event will take place on 22 and 23 April 2021.

By registering to the 2021 EUA Annual conference you will have exclusive access to all live sessions with high-level speakers, networking opportunities, project booths, webinar recordings and plenty of additional material for you to enjoy a full event experience.

Programme : 

The 2021 EUA Annual Conference “Universities 2030: From vision to reality” will take place online on 22-23 April. Against the backdrop of the ongoing climate crisis, fundamental technological advances, labour market changes and the pressure Europe’s political systems are currently experiencing, an honest and ambitious debate is needed about the path universities must take to remain resilient and relevant.

In EUA’s vision for this path, outlined in the publication “Universities without walls – A vision for 2030”, Europe’s universities are open learning communities engaged in the creation of a sustainable global society, as well as autonomous and accountable entities striving for continuous improvement. Universities’ core missions – learning and teaching, research, innovation and contribution to culture – will play an instrumental role in universities’ efforts to realise this vision.

The 2021 EUA Annual Conference will provide a forum for discussion on how to make this vision a reality. It will also focus on the role universities play in building a competitive and sustainable Europe, in collaboration with global partners. The 2021 EUA Annual Conference will feature sessions of various formats, including interactive audience participation, encouraging a rich exchange of experiences and good practices. Alongside the sessions on the conference theme, the event will also provide opportunities for networking and for learning more about diverse EUA projects and activities.

The event is of interest to university leadership and management, as well as academics. It also welcomes students, policy makers and other stakeholders in higher education, research and innovation. Various registration packages are available to guarantee that the event is accessible for all participants, with a reduced fee for EUA members. Registrations are now open until the start of the event.

Official Opening and Session I

Session II: Hybrid campuses: How to make it work after Covid-19

Session III: Recognition and rewards of academic career profiles

Session IV: The end of disciplines?

Session V: Universities as places of culture: Luxury or necessity?

Session VI: Partners in success

Session VII: Nurturing global partnerships through education and research


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